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Past Life Recall Workshop

nowledge of past life experiences can assist the individual in reaching new depths of understanding regarding their own physical , emotional and spiritual makeup, it can provide insight into the reasons the individual decided to incarnate at this particular time frame of human existence. It can also help to clarify why we relate in a positive or negative way to certain people, places and situations.
t must however be remembered that the knowledge gained of past life experiences is not in most instances provable, whether that knowledge be gained through the insight of a past life reader, meditation or through delving into the individualís sub conscious memory by inducing an altered state of awareness.

f you feel that you would like to take the first step in exploring your own past life experiences then why not come along to one of the Past Life Recall workshops, the day consists of guided group meditations in the morning, along with details on how to keep a past life diary. The afternoon is then given over to the regression of each individual by means of inducing an altered state of awareness, so as to access the subconscious mind wherein all memories relating to past life experiences are stored.

If you would like more information regarding Past Life Recall workshops then please do not hesitate to email me.