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Colour and You

t is important for us to understand that we do not have to visually perceive colour for it to have a lasting effect upon us. Colour on its own and in the form of light continuously affects those subtler senses that ultimately play such a significant part in our lives.

Each of us sees and assimilates colour in a slightly different way, two people may disagree as to whether a colour like turquoise is more blue or more green. Some cultures and languages have no words to define complex colours and hues, so like children and our early ancestors find the primary colours the most attractive and easily describable.

olour healing of one type or another has been popular from very early days when colour was first used for symbolic reasons by the ancient Egyptians, Babylonians, and Assyrians.

Many colour healers talk of working with cosmic rays, which may seem puzzling to the uninitiated. These rays are of course those of the light spectrum, the colours of the rainbow. Each ray is regarded as having certain attributes. When a healer works with a certain colour ray, he or she intends to utilize all the known positive characteristics of that particular ray.

any colour healers work on the chakra points. The chakra points are places in the auric field of an individual where energy is centralised.

Usually regarded as seven in number, they are seen clairvoyantly as whirling vortices of light. The individual charkas tend to influence the area of the physical body in which they are situated and their colour and attributes correspond to the rainbow spectrum.

If the charkas are working properly and are well balanced, a state of ease is considered to permeate the individualís auric field, as opposed to a state of dis-ease should the charkas be in any way out of balance or alignment.

ome spiritual healers and those working in many complimentary therapies prefer not to use colour and yet striking colours of various hues can be clairvoyantly perceived emanating from them as they use their healing skills.

Life would be flavourless without the stimulation of colour. How we use it can tell us a lot about ourselves and may tell other people even more.

Colour has an effect on the whole of our lives, it affects our physical and emotional state, our home, our place of work, our dress sense and our behaviour.

olour is an indispensable factor in our lives, the course Colour and You is formatted so as to enable you to be more aware of colour as a healing and divinatory tool. As well as looking at the human auric field and the related chakra system it includes techniques so that you are able to use colour for self healing and meditation.

he course is held over a weekend and some shortened versions are held as one day workshops. Students are provided with a short concise manual outlining the topics covered by the course. Please email me if you would be interested in joining one of the workshops or would like more information regarding them.