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The Medicine Wheel

o the Native American people of Turtle Island the Medicine Wheel is sacred, the native people believe, that as the Great Spirit designed everything in nature to be round, the Sun, Sky, Earth and Moon are round. Therefore, man should look upon the Medicine Wheel (circle of life) as sacred. They believe it to be a symbol of the circle that marks the edge of the world and therefore, the Four Winds that travel there. It is also the symbol of the year. They believe that as the Sky, the Night, and the Moon go in a circle above the Sky, therefore, the Circle is a symbol of these divisions of time. It is also the symbol of all times throughout creation.
he Medicine Wheel is considered to be a symbol for the wheel of life which is forever evolving. It is a spiritual sending and receiving device, a transcendental teaching and hearing instrument, the pathway through it allows us to balance our own physical life and spiritual energies with that of the earth and all creation. It is believed that the circle represents a harmonious relationship with nature and with all living things, the medicine wheel teaches us that all living things are our relatives and that all things are connected and equal, because there is no beginning and no end. Our Earth Mother is often referred to as a Medicine Wheel or Sacred Hoop because the Earth is circular and turns in a circular motion.

As Black Elk, the Holy Man of the Ogala remarked "Birds make their nests in circles; we dance in circles, the circle stands for the Sun and Moon and all round things in the natural world. The circle is an endless creation, with endless connections to the present, all that went before and all that will come in the future."

edicine Wheel teachings are among the oldest teachings of the Native American people of Turtle Island. The teachings found on the Medicine Wheel create a holistic foundation for human behaviour and interaction; the teachings are about walking the earth in truth, peace and harmony. A Medicine Wheel can best be described as a mirror within which everything about the human condition is reflected back. It requires courage to look into the mirror and really see what is being reflected back to an individual about their life.

here is no right or wrong way to walk the wheel or to live your life. Native teachings tell us that “The Great Mystery does not make mistakes”, therefore as each person is a 'perfect soul' that reflects the central essence of the Medicine Wheel, where every individual person is at this point in their earth walk, is where they are supposed to be.

Today wherever a Medicine Wheel is constructed it is considered to be a place of true spiritual communion.

orkshops that include Medicine Wheel teachings are sometimes held as one day workshops at weekends, though generally they form part of a more intensive course or even a weekend Retreat program.

One day workshops begin at and finish at 4.30pm with an hour for lunch.

Please email me for further information regarding workshops or courses that contain Medicine Wheel teachings.