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Forth Degree Reiki
The Reiki Teaching Mastership

ourth Degree Reiki Teacher Training is available to those who are, themselves, already Reiki Healing Masters and who desire to empower themselves and others with a complete system of holistic healing and personal development. The Master Teacher Course brings to you the Master and to your students so much more in the way of fulfilment and growth, both personally and professionally. It confers a special blessing of its own, for it allows you to pass on to others the beautiful healing light that is Reiki, and in doing so you have the joy of watching, as your own students blossom and go on to be healers themselves , alleviating suffering and walking in the footsteps of Dr Usui.
he decision to embrace the position of Master~Teacher is not an easy one. It is a clear call to Service, and should be considered carefully. A Master Teacher has a responsibility to teach the traditional methods of Usui Shiki Ryoho, that they themselves were taught, thereby preserving the historic integrity of the tradition and honouring the Masters of their own lineage.

The focus of the Master Teacher Course is upon the Student’s ability to understand and apply the initiation procedures at each level or Degree of Reiki. The initiations and the practice of the initiation procedures creates a sense of receiving higher energies, almost as if there is an initiation of a higher order that is sacred and shared by both Master and student.

hen deciding on the time frame for this course, I felt that it was imperative to give Students time, time in class to practice the Initiation Procedures for each of the Reiki Degrees, as well as time to discuss and plan how they would teach their own students at each level. Therefore the Fourth Degree Teaching Marstership Course is held over two consecutive weekends, each day begins at 10.30am and finishes at 4.30pm. with an hour for lunch.

tudents are provided with a comprehensive manual covering all aspects of the course including step by step instructions on the initiation procedures. On successful completion of the course a certificate will be awarded and on going support and advice are offered to the Student for as long as they wish to avail themselves of it.