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What is Reiki

eiki is a Japanese word and is pronounced ‘ray-key’. Reiki is a technique that promotes healing, stress reduction and deep relaxation by the laying on of hands, this method of healing is non-invasive and can help the body to heal itself at a physical, mental, emotional or spiritual level.

he knowledge of Reiki would have remained lost forever had not Dr. Mikao Usui rediscovered the key which led to the recovery of a thousand year old tradition of healing in a 2,500 year old Sanskrit sutra at the end of the 19th century.

The word Reiki is made up of two Japanese words:- Rei and Ki. Rei is the upper character and Ki the lower character.

Most people accept that the general definition of the word Rei is Universal, meaning that it is present everywhere. This is the wisdom that comes from God Consciousness which is all knowing. Understanding each person’s needs, problems and difficulties and how to heal them. Reiki Masters channel this intelligent life energy and attune others to it.
Ki means life force energy also called the Universal Life Force, this non physical energy animates all living things. The healthier a living thing is, the more life force energy it has, when a living thing dies the life force energy has departed. The Reiki healing technique guides this energy enabling us to come back into balance with ourselves and the Universe.

eiki is above all holistic in effect. It reaches all levels of existence and strives to bring these differing levels into a state of balance. The Reiki practitioner is only a channel for the energy, for it is not their own limited energy which passes through them when they lay their hands on a person, but rather a universal one, which leaves the practitioner and the recipient strengthened and harmonised afterwards.

Reiki is one of the few forms of holistic therapy that actively encourages its initiates to practice self healing.

Reiki can help us to find our way back to a state of health and wholeness. It is a healing method in the broadest sense of the word.

o be a Reiki practitioner, there is no special kind of faith or belief required. It is used with the same success by people of many faiths and religions, by free thinkers as well as by the followers of widely differing philosophies and ideologies.

It is surely no coincidence that a method of healing like Reiki has been rediscovered and brought back to life in our day and age, for we are standing on the threshold of a new age, which promises to bring about a new quality of human consciousness.