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Power Animals

he Native American people believe that the Great Spirit speaks to us through nature, for all of nature is connected. There are lessons inherent in all aspects of the natural world if only we allow ourselves to open our hearts and minds to receive them.

The animals, plants, and even the rocks all have lessons to teach us if only we are prepared to listen.
f all the lessons that exist in nature, none is more appropriate to todayís world than those taught to us by the animal kingdom.

Native American people now as in days gone by see animals as helpers, friends and guides. They receive messages and learn lessons from them by studying the animals and their environment.

ower animals come to us mostly in dreams, meditations, initiations and visions. It is possible to have more than one power animal. Power animals are often attracted by the emotional needs of an individual, they are viewed as guides and protectors who enable us to overcome our fears, they encourage and empower us.

ower animals can be a reflection of our deepest self and also be representative of the qualities that we need to incorporate into our daily life, but which for reasons unknown to us appear to be hidden or obscured. Power animals can come as visionary help to see us safely through a specific stage of our life, or at a time in our life when we feel challenged and overcome by situations or relationships.

ower animals tend to come unbidden into the life of an individual, they gift themselves to a person and can remain with that person for the whole of the personís life. Most notably for native people, a vision of a power animal would be received during the vision quest undertaken at the time of puberty, and remain as a life long companion spirit.

orkshops aimed at understanding your Power Animals are held as one day workshops at weekends, or as part of a more intensive course or even as part of a Retreat program.

One day workshops begin at and finish at 4.30pm with an hour for lunch. Please email me if you require further information regarding the workshops or courses.