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Past Life Readings

   past life reading is when a person gifted with the ability to see the past looks into your past life experiences for you and relates that information to you. Past life regression is a subjective revelation accessed through an altered state of consciousness usually guided by a regression practitioner. However, past life regression is not always accessible to those who cannot for what ever reason allow themselves to be guided into an altered state of consciousness. Past life readings may therefore be an acceptable alternative for those that prefer a less subjective experience, or for those individuals who mistrust their own ability to see beyond conscious reality.
he amount of detail and the content of a past life reading depend largely on the ability of the reader and the open mindedness of the recipient. In viewing a past life situation, I view it rather like a video. I find myself able to fast forward through the years, pausing at certain time frames and focusing on certain events. The key, however, is to recognise and understand the emotional make up of the person involved. This is important simply because unresolved emotional issues that are carried by individuals from one life time to another can function as either impediments or positive signposts on the journey of the individual.

ach past life reading reflects the individual's essence in ways that are essentially beyond prediction. I experience the reading process along with the recipient, rather than creating it.

I believe that when an individual is drawn to knowing about a past life, then there is usually an unresolved emotional issue that needs to surface and to be released, so that the individual is not carrying unresolved emotions (or desires) over into another life time. Although we can at times be influenced by habitual negative tendencies from previous life experiences, we can certainly learn to change these old outmoded habits and make new, more positive ones to take their place.

hen reading an individualís past life experiences I find it helpful not to have any detailed information regarding the circumstances of their present life. The less that I know the less likely I am to inadvertently influence the reading process. Through out the reading neither myself or the recipient are overshadowed by an altered state of consciousness, during the whole reading process I am consciously relating to the recipient the images that I see and the feelings that I experience. During the reading process the recipient is able to ask spontaneous questions.

t must be stated that all readings of this nature are experimental, one cannot always pre determine to which past life experience or time frame one is drawn. Should you wish to have a past life reading then please do not hesitate to email me for an appointment.