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Mandy's Tranquillity

On line store selling CD?s, Crystals and much more

Reiki Healers and Teachers Society

A network of quality assured Reiki Practitioners and Teachers.

Tai Chi Master Lance Sullen

Can be contacted at:

The Spiritualist National Union

Promotes the Religion, Philosophy and Phenomena of Spiritualism.

Classy Parties

Happy Events organized for you by Jo.

Walking Thunder Flutes

Grizzly Walking Thunder is a shamanic toolmaker, healer, fluteplayer and flute maker.

Grizzly's music can be heard on Simply Reflections website, by going into the Healing Garden you can listen to "The Call From The Forest" from his cd entitled The Journey, or go into Native American Wisdom and listen to "Ina Maka" from his cd Teachers of the Old Ways, in each piece of music he plays the flutes that he makes.

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