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hrough out time mankind in its diversity and cultural heritage has recognised, affirmed and celebrated major life transitions, through ceremony and ritual thanksgiving.
In today’s world we still feel the need to acknowledge the importance and impact that certain events have on our lives. We feel the need to share such events with those we hold dear and to affirm our feelings of love and gratitude in a unique and unforgettable way.

y role is to lead your ceremony and to ensure that the core of your particular ceremony reflects you and your beliefs. Your traditions are honoured and celebrated in a way that is inclusive to you. When any life experience is shared in this way it is important that those requesting the ceremony and those participating in the ceremony feel comfortable with every aspect of the ceremony. The planning stage is a unique part of the experience, a time when you and I are able to design a ceremony tailored to your needs so that the ceremony is an honest reflection of your thoughts and feelings.

t is my belief that we are each entitled to create individual and unique rites to celebrate the meaningful events in our life with out the interference of an outside body. We are in a time when many people feel the need to distance themselves from orthodox religious practice and re define themselves as Spiritually aware individuals that live their life in accordance with their own conscience and moral code of decent behaviour, expressing a desire for ceremony that holds true meaning for them and is authentic and specific to their situation.

n certain instances some people will still wish to incorporate into their particular ceremony a symbol or ritual from a religious belief or cultural tradition, this can be designed into the ceremony to honour and pay tribute to the heritage of the individual.

I have great respect for the energy that motivates people to wish to celebrate an event in their lives by the holding of a ceremony. I find the time that I spend in co- creating, leading and sharing in these genuinely meaningful occasions to be both inspiring and deeply satisfying.

n general the ceremonies that I create and lead are not legally binding upon those participating in the ceremony, nor upon those who bear witness to the ceremony. However they can be both spiritually and morally binding for those who wish to make a truly heartfelt statement or commitment.

Please be aware that should you wish me to act as a leader in a legally binding wedding ceremony the presence of a Registrar would be required.