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East Meets West
Weekend Retreats

he concepts demonstrated and taught during the weekend retreats are holistic and require that understanding be an integrated process learnt through the body, mind and spirit.

This of course cannot be short circuited by reading teaching manuals or ploughing through books on history and philosophy. Study is to be encouraged and does help to feed the mind, but these holistic concepts cannot be grasped on the intellectual plane alone. These concepts must be taken to the heart and worked on by the student, they must be experienced.

or us impatient inquiring Westerners this means that we must wait for our body to catch up with our mind. When this is achieved we often find that we might have been seeking the right answers to the wrong questions.

f course not every student has the time, application or devotion to become a ‘Master’ of these holistic concepts.

It takes a degree of commitment and single minded purpose beyond the ordinary, just as it does to become an acknowledged writer, artist or musician. At each stage of development using and experiencing these holistic concepts on a regular basis can and will bring benefits to the mind, body and the spirit of the practitioner, these benefits will help to repel the mental and physical stresses of modern day living. This holistic approach provides a refuge where the mind and the body become lost in the simple process of doing and all distractions and anxiety begin to fall away.

he aim of the weekend retreat is to help each of us to experience for ourselves these holistic benefits, that we may integrate them into our own daily lives and that by so doing, we will further enrich not only our lives, but the spiritual pathway we have chosen.

The weekend retreat aims to bring together people of like mind in an atmosphere of relaxation and friendship, and whilst the weekend is aimed at learning new skills to aid relaxation and self awareness, it is also a time of sharing knowledge, experiences and the joy of living. It is hoped that the weekend will refresh the mind, body and spirit, allowing all the participants to deal better with their often hectic and sometimes very demanding lives. The weekend retreat aims to be a small oasis where the concept of brotherhood and unity can be played out.

rotherhood is a gift of love, love is a power that lies within each one of us, within our belief system and beyond it. So if you would like to take this opportunity to allow your gift of love and brotherhood to shine in an atmosphere of friendship and relaxation then please email me for further information regarding forthcoming retreats.