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Development Circle

he purpose of this course is to further the individuals awareness of their own spiritual gifts and potential.

We are told by the enlightened beings of the spirit world that we are first and foremost Spiritual beings animating a physical body, we are Spirit, experiencing physical reality and we all have the ability to communicate with the world of spirit, and those of our loved ones who have made their transition to spirit, as well as those enlightened souls who seek to guide us through the labyrinth of the earthly life.

he object of the development circle is to encourage the individual to better understand themselves and the latent spiritual gifts within them, as well as helping them to harmonise with and come to know more fully those in the spirit world who are their guides, who wish to work with them and through them for the betterment of the individual and of mankind as a whole.
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he development circle teaches discipline and discernment as well as helping the individual to differentiate between the images, thoughts and feelings expressed by the Spirit being and their own conscious and subconscious thought process and imagery.

The development circle allows a person to practice and share their individual gifts in an atmosphere of love and encouragement with other like minded individuals.

he development circle is held on a weekly basis and each meeting begins with a short guided meditation that balances the energies and sets the mood for the evenings work. Each meeting has a theme and includes exercises to strengthen the individualís intuitive ability and sensitivity to the guidance offered from the spirit realms.

If you feel that you would like to join a Development Circle then please email me for an application form and details of course dates and fees.