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Psychic Parties

ave you ever wanted a private sitting with a medium, but found the prospect daunting?

Then why not hold a light hearted ‘Psychic Party’ for yourself and a few friends.

You provide the venue and the friends, and I will provide you with an evening of Psychic insight and enlightenment.

llow me to analyse the colours emanating from your auric field.

Choose colours yourself at random and let me explain how the colours in your aura and those chosen by you relate to you, your life, and those connected with you.

sk your friends to bring photographs of their nearest and dearest and I will tell you about the life and personality of the person in the photograph.

lso included in the evening, a choice of divination cards with an analysis of the probable outcome or event the card predicts. Time can also be set aside for questions.

If you would like to hold a psychic party then please email me for further information, fees and availability of dates.