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The Blessing and Naming
of a Child

rom time immemorial the conceiving of a child and the bringing of that child into the world have been seen as sacred acts. All cultures have traditional rituals and ceremonies that prepare the way for and welcome a child’s entry into the world. Holding a ceremony to name and bless a child, is a unique way to acknowledge, honour, celebrate, dedicate and give thanks for the gift of a the child in the life of both its family and the larger community into which it is born.

eremonies can be created to incorporate, honour and uphold the commitment and responsibilities of the parent/s to care for the new child. Intentions, expectations and goals for the child can be expressed to extended family and friends, and support for the parent/s can in turn be expressed.

ne of the purposes of such ceremonies is to give the child a name. To name a child, is to call, give title to, choose, appoint, and single out. A child’s name is often chosen for its symbolic characteristic meaning, as the parent/s might wish to bestow this attribute on the child. Or they might wish to honour a beloved person of the same name by giving his or her name to the child.

     second purpose is the spiritual intention of opening the child’s awareness to, and promoting connection with, its sense of self as a sacred being. Family and friends dedicate themselves to supporting the new child’s growth as a spiritual being. The ceremony creates the context through which this recognition and designation can take place.

tepchildren or adopted children can be welcomed, blessed and celebrated by their new family through these same ceremonies, for without doubt the birth of a child, or the entry of any child into a family is a wondrous event!

If you would like further details on the naming and blessing of a child, then please do not hesitate to email me.