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Partnership Blessing and Commitment Ceremonies

any cultures have different ways of blessing the commitment of love made between two people.

In Thai ceremonies, for example, the couple kneels as an elder relative pours blessed water from a conch shell onto their hands and offers words of blessing. In the ancient Celtic tradition of hand-fasting, the couple’s hands are literally tied together to symbolize spiritual and physical unity as prayers and blessings are recited.

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hoosing to exchange vows with another is a profound expression of love and devotion, therefore the ceremony should be heartfelt, elegant and unique, completely reflective of the individuals, their relationship, beliefs, hopes and aspirations. The ceremony should speak to the hearts of all those present and to the souls of those who define their love by their commitment one to the other. In this way it is hoped that the ceremony will remain alive within them, resonating throughout the years as they journey through life together.

o two ceremonies are the same for they are crafted to the needs of the individual couple and can include vows or words of intent, the giving and receiving of tokens, the participation of family and friends who may wish to read verses of poetry relevant to the couple, as well as anything else that may have a special significance to the couple.