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Ceremonies to Celebrate
Lifes Experiences

e experience many births and deaths throughout our life’s journey, not just the actual births and deaths of loved ones. There are symbolic birth events such as the starting of a new relationship, a new project or a new job, moving into a new home, going to a new school. Symbolic death events include failures, disappointments and losses felt in the ending of a relationship, project or job. Graduation and retirement are completion or achievement events that combine the changes of symbolic birth and death.

ther kinds of initiations or life events that we all experience include a child’s coming of age as a teenager, a teenager’s coming of age into adulthood, and an adult becoming an elder. Each of these turning points, requires a change in status and responsibility, and can be acknowledged, honoured, and celebrated through ceremonies that encourage and empower the individual.

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dditional rites of passage include illness, wellness and healing. Ceremonies can be powerful tools to help us find meaning in, and guide us through, the changes we experience in our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health and well-being.

Simplified and powerful ceremonies can also be created to honour and celebrate the pets in our lives, especially their birth or addition into our family and their death.

ll of the events we experience throughout our life’s journey, the major or minor turning points are rites of passage, initiations of change. Ceremonies can help us to cope more positively with and adjust to these changes, empowering us through our times of growth. Any of our days can become special days as we connect with the deeper meaning of our journey through life.

If you wish to celebrate a rite of passage or a key moment in your own life experience then please do not hesitate to contact me.