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The Vision Quest

(Crying For A Vision)

raditionally a Vision Quest is a rite of passage, and is usually experienced for the first time as a young teenager. The young person seeks a spiritual experience to mark the passing from childhood into adulthood, for it is at this time that the young person begins to understand the responsibility that they have to themselves, to their society, to the natural environment and to the journey of their own soul.
he quest itself is a journey into the wilderness where young and old alike seek visions for spiritual guidance, personal growth and tribal guidance. The visions are sought from the Ancestors, Spirit Teachers, Animal Spirits and Waken Tanka.

Traditionally the seeker makes the journey alone into the wilderness finds a place that they feel to be special where they sit in a large circle with only water to sustain them, and they wait sometimes for two to four days. Being alone in the wilderness tends to make the seeker look deep into their own soul; the experience gives the seeker the feeling of being closer to the elements, to nature and to the source of creation. The Vision Quest is such that it enables the soul of the sincere seeker to move beyond the limitations of the ordinary life into the realms of divine realisation, from illusion to truth, from isolation to oneness with the whole of creation.

t is a time of fasting, prayer and meditation. A time to seek an inner revelation, a vision that can give meaning and direction to the course of an individualís life and to the evolution of a Tribe or Nation.

The Vision Quest should never be entered into lightly, but with respect, reverence and purpose. The seeker would traditionally prepare for the quest by fasting, going into the Inipi (sweat lodge) and seeking guidance from a tribal Medicine Priest.

Workshops that include an understanding of the Vision Quest are sometimes held as one day workshops at weekends, though generally they form part of a more intensive course or even a weekend Retreat program.

One day workshops begin at and finish at 4.30pm with an hour for lunch.

Please email me for further information regarding workshops or courses that contain the Vision Quest.