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Reiki Healing
For Health and Wellbeing

eiki practitioners like myself believe that the Universal Life Energy can be accessed as a force for healing by the simple act of touch, the laying on of hands. The Usui System of Reiki is not only the most simple method, but it is also in my opinion the most effective way of transferring this Universal Life Energy.

As a Reiki practitioner I claim no particular gifts or personal reservoirs of spiritual power, but merely act as a conduit through which this subtle energy runs to the recipient. Ki is not stimulated or unblocked by massage, it is merely exchanged and channelled through the hands of the practitioner to the recipient directly from its source, the Universal Life Energy itself. As Ki is channelled through the practitioner both practitioner and recipient will receive healing and restored energy throughout the course of its passage from one to the other. Whatever the respective mood of the practitioner or illness of the recipient, negativity and sickness do not pass between them.
he practitioner is not drained of energy to replenish the recipient. The transmission of Ki suffuses both recipient and practitioner with its love, light and healing rays. Each receives according to their needs, the energy acts always in harmony with the individual for their highest good.

A Reiki treatment feels like a wonderful glowing radiance and has many benefits for both client and practitioner, bringing about positive states of consciousness as well as spiritual experiences.

eiki works in harmony with all other therapies and medical treatments. In fact if you have a health condition it is recommended that you seek the supervision of a health care professional as well as receiving Reiki from a qualified practitioner.

f you would like to experience first hand the calming and healing effect that a Reiki treatment can offer, either for relaxation or a health care problem then please email me for an appointment.