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Private Sittings

eople go to see mediums privately for a number of reasons, the reasons range from problems the person may be experiencing with their material life, to the emotional trauma following bereavement, from Spiritual guidance, to would be mediums seeking an assessment of their own spiritual development.

The private sitting is purely experimental and therefore results can never be guaranteed. People should attend the private sitting with an open mind and an open heart.
rivate sittings are held in an atmosphere that is harmonious and relaxing for both the medium and the sitter, and by its very nature the sitting is totally confidential.

The medium has a responsibility to the communicating spirit and to the sitter to pass on thoughts and feelings unclouded by the mind and opinions of the medium. The medium is there only as a conduit to enable communication to take place between the sitter in the material world and the person who has made their transition and now resides in the spirit realms.

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A private sitting should be both evidential and enjoyable. There can be a great deal of emotion expressed by both the sitter and the spirit person, intimate details especially those relating to the sitter may be discussed, shared memories may be spoken of along with details of the passing and personality of the spirit person. It is a time when both the sitter and the spirit communicator can give way to the emotions they both feel, in the sure knowledge that they and their feelings are in safe and understanding hands.

he private sitting can offer to the sitter, through the evidence conveyed by the spirit person, the understanding that life is everlasting and that those we love are never lost to us.

If you feel that you would like to have a private sitting with me, then please email me for an appointment, or if you require more information regarding private sittings.