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Native American Wisdom

Mitakuye Oyasin
(For All My Relations)

he traditions and wisdom of the Native American people of Turtle Island must surely be considered as one of the most integral traditions of human intimacy with the earth. Even minimal contact with the native peoples, their wisdom and philosophy is an exhilarating experience, an experience that is heightened rather than diminished by the period of disintegration which they themselves have so recently passed through.
hey are at present emerging as one of our surest guides into a viable future of earth conservation and husbandry.

Central to that philosophy is the communion of the human spirit with that of its non-human counterpart that is inherent in animals and all of nature’s vast expression of existence. This communion which to some, more scientifically minded individuals may seem primitive, does not quantify animals and nature as separate objects nor does it see them as alien or inferior, rather the natural world is incorporated, recognised and felt as part of ones own being. Therefore the philosophy is that one cannot harm the natural world without harming one’s self.

side from an enlightened view of survival and creation, there is a deeper wisdom and humility that comes from understanding animals, plants, and the rhythms and cycles of life and Nature. Without this understanding, human life becomes disconnected from the natural world and this often manifests as dis-ease, rather than ease, which is a symptom of what the Hopi people call Koyaanasquatsi which means, Life out of balance.

The wisdom of the Native American people of Turtle Island that was whispered to them as children by their ancestors can awaken in modern man a sense of wonder and reverence for all life. Such an awakening is a revelation because we have almost destroyed that part of ourselves that resonates with other animals and Nature.

Native American wisdom teaches us that we are all connected all part of one great whole, the Sacred Hoop of Life.

orkshops that are based on the wisdom of the Native American people of Turtle Island are sometimes held as one day workshops at weekends, though generally they are formed into a more intensive course lasting several weeks or even a weekend Retreat program.

Please email me for further information regarding workshops or courses based upon Native American Wisdom.