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First Degree Reiki

“Learning Reiki is an experience for the soul of the individual, it is a Spiritually guided tool for self awareness, transformation and healing, enabling us to eradicate our own suffering and the suffering of humanity.”

hange occurs quickly in the Students who are drawn to First Degree Reiki. Their external focus may be the same as most other people now treading the earth plane, however, what is different for the aspiring student is the inner awareness or focus. They feel the ‘call’ beyond self understanding, they begin to recognise that they are about so much more than they have ever known or yet experienced in this lifetime.
he most dramatic shift following the spiritual teachings and initiation of First Degree Reiki is the releasing of fear from the subtle energy body. As the energy of love further penetrates the soul and subtle energy bodies, room is made for it, fear departs. As fear is released, the life’s focus shifts from mere survival to love of self and others. Prejudice and criticism melt into a universal consciousness of understanding and ‘one-ness’.

In First Degree Reiki, as well as receiving initiations, the Student is introduced to Dr Mikao Usui and the Reiki Story, the Five Principles, the Reiki Hand Position and much, much more.

or some students this is their first awareness of Reiki, and I as a Reiki Master enjoy sharing with them my knowledge, love and understanding of Reiki, in class students are given ample opportunity to ask questions and to practice the hand positions for both self healing and the healing of others. They are helped to understand the different Reiki Degrees, their own Reiki Linage, as well as the important part played by both Dr Chujiro Hayashi and Mrs Hawayo Takata.

The First Degree Reiki course is held over a weekend, each day starts at 10.30am and finishes at 4.30pm, with an hour for lunch.

tudents are provided with a comprehensive manual covering all aspects of the course. And on successful completion of the course a certificate is awarded and on going support and advice are offered to the Student for as long as they wish to avail themselves of it.

Apart from empowering my students with the knowledge and understanding of Reiki, my aim is to impart my own enthusiasm for the Reiki Healing Energy and for Reiki as a life enhancing journey of discovery.