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Third Degree Reiki
The Reiki Healing MasterShip

n the Third Degree Reiki course, the Healing Mastership level is attained. The Student is introduce and attuned to The Traditional Usui Master Symbol as well as the Tibetan Fire Serpent Symbol.

So what does the Healing Mastership in Reiki mean for those who aspire to attain it? With the Healing Master initiation comes a major commitment for the Student to lend themselves in service to others. In the broadest sense, the Student dedicates their life to become the healing hands of the Universal Energy we call God.
hird Degree Reiki enables the Student to increase their tool kit of techniques in order to be a more thorough and adept healing practitioner. The techniques taught in this course are many and varied but all are there to advance the Students ability to heal at the highest possible level.

The Student who successfully attains the Reiki Healing Mastership should embody the four essential qualities of the healer, namely, Trust, Faith, Love and Humility. The Healing Master acts as a highly advanced channel for the Reiki Healing energies. In order to become such a channel, the Healing Master must have trust in the healing power as well as faith that they are capable of channelling it with proficiency, love and compassion.

he Third Degree Reiki course is held over three days which constitutes a weekend plus one day of the following weekend, each day begins at 10.30am and finishes at 4.30pm. with an hour for lunch. Each student is given a comprehensive course manual and on successful completion of the course a certificate is awarded and on going support and advice are offered to the Student for as long as they wish to avail themselves of it.

Time is also given in class to write, discuss and where appropriate, share experiences gained during meditation, healing and initiation.