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The Blessing Of A Home

he expression ‘home is where the heart is’ speaks to the importance of the place that we call home. A house is merely a structure; a home refers to the quality of living that takes place there. Making a dwelling place a home results from our intention to do so.

n ancient times, the hearth or fire was considered to be the heart of a dwelling place. The Greek goddess Hestia was honoured as the keeper of the hearth (heart), and it was customary to keep the hearth fire burning, and not to allow it to go out. Hestia was looked to as the protector and benefactor of all who lived in the dwelling. When a newly married couple left their respective families to form their own home, a piece of the fire was taken from the hearth of the bride’s family to light her and her new husband’s hearth. Thus, it was believed, joy and prosperity would abide within the hearth and home of the newly weds.

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eremonies can be created to help us to make our own dwelling place a home, to bring heart to where we live. We can bless the space and all who may enter and live therein. Expectations and goals for the life to be lived in the space can be expressed. A dwelling place can be defined as a house, an apartment, a room, a caravan or any number of other types of places in which we may choose to live.

eremonies can be designed for existing places or for dwelling places that are new to us. Moving out of an old or into a new dwelling is a turning point in life, a rite of passage, marking a life change of an ending and a new beginning. These changes require us to make adjustments, which can be eased by the enactment of a ceremony. Ceremonies can include cleansing the dwelling space, to allow the energy of the previous dwellers to leave and the energy of the new dwellers to enter.

n office space, an artistic space, a play space and any other type of space in which we may live, work or play can be blessed and dedicated by our intent to bring our heart to them. Then, they can become a sacred space for us, a place of renewal, transformation and healing.

If you would like me to bless and dedicate your dwelling place, or place of work, then please do not hesitate to email me.