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Distance Healing With Reiki

eiki transcends what we in the World call Linear time. Distance healing with Reiki can be used to bridge time and space, for with Reiki we have the capacity to send positive healing energy and light to people, animals, plants and problem areas such as disasters and war zones any where in the world, and to any time frame, whether it be located in the past, the present, or even ahead to what we would call future events. For example if you are aware of a forthcoming event, Reiki healing energy, and love can be sent to that event.
hen it is used in this way, the Reiki energy stores up like a battery. When the time comes, its healing energy descends to surround the person event or situation with healing, love and support. People have used this technique to help them with job interviews, trips to the dentist, medical operations, tests or other important events.

With Distance healing we can send Reiki into the past. If you or someone you know has had a traumatic experience in the past and you know the approximate date, Reiki healing energy can be sent back to heal the trauma of that experience at the time it occurred.

Distance Healing is also a wonderful way to bring relaxation, awareness, and light to a dying person, especially if you personally cannot be with them at the time. Reiki offers a unique way to say goodbye.

t can be said that one of the natural laws of Reiki is, that it is the recipient who decides how much healing energy they receive and whether they will accept it or not. The intentions, affirmations and positive words sent during Distance Healing will only work if they are in the best interests of the person receiving the healing. Distance Healing always works for the highest good of the person receiving it, not for the person sending it. Distance Healing is not only about healing, but is also about honouring the Buddha within the person to whom you are sending the Reiki. Because Reiki is a healing energy, it cannot be used for negative intentions. It always moves towards a healing. If it is not in the best interest of the recipient to receive Reiki, they will not receive it no matter how many people send them Distance Healing.

If you would like Distance healing to be sent to yourself or a loved one why not click onto the statue of the ‘Buddha’ in our Healing Garden and send the details to me.

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