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The Native American Flute

he Native American flute has a rich history dating back at least 2,500 years, its history is documented through oral tradition and pictographs on rock canyons and pueblos, including the well known figure of Kokopelli the flute player.

It is believed that the first flutes were made of bamboo, these instruments were simple, with three finger holes and a slot for air delivery. As time went on, it was discovered that a hand could be freed up by covering the slot with hide. Thus, simple bamboo flutes evolved into more sophisticated instruments. In addition flutes began to be constructed from soft wood and later hard wood. Ultimately, the flute was used for many different purposes by different tribes the uses included, courtship rituals, meditation, signalling and various tribal ceremonies.

any Native tribes lost the art of making the Native American flute during the years of the U.S. government’s repression of the Native American culture.

Fortunately interest in this beautiful and haunting instrument was rekindled in the 1970s, as more artists began making and playing traditional flutes.

he beauty of the Native American flute is not only in the rich haunting melody it produces, but also in the fact that no musical ability is necessary in order to play it. In fact the flute responds best when used as initially intended, that is to play music from the heart, freeing one from the constraints of the conscious mind.

lute workshops are held as one day workshops at weekends, or as part of a more intensive course or even as part of a Retreat program.

One day workshops begin at and finish at 4.30pm with an hour for lunch.

Flute workshops are sometimes held in conjunction with Grizzly Walking Thunder who crafts, and plays his own flutes.

Please email me for further information regarding the flute workshops.