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Lin Rowden~Allen CSNU/MRHTS

imply Reflections was set up by myself in answer to the all to often stressful demands placed upon each of us in this fast paced, connected world of global information technology and change.

It seems to me that there is a need to balance this faster pace of life with a renewed awakening of the spirit. Without a strong sense of spirit we can become overwhelmed by the very wealth of choices we have created and the number of relationships that we find ourselves in.

e need a way to become still, listen to our heart, and know who we are and why we make the choices we make. The subjects covered by ‘Simply Reflections’ are perfect tools for this. With them we can open our senses, identify our problems, and call on our intelligence and our intuition to go beyond the boundaries of the problems we encounter and create.

imply Reflections aims to give you a place to start; every journey needs a good first step, firm and well placed, and the right direction to find the pathway to your ultimate chosen destination. This website aims to help with that well placed first step on this your joyous journey of self discovery. I sincerely hope that it will be for all of our visitors a treasure trove of information and inspiration.

have seen first hand how these subjects can transform the lives of the individuals who commit their time and energy to their practice.

With the regular practice of your chosen subject the realisation dawns that you are both a human being and a spiritual being animating a physical body. You have the power to commit, to speak your heart in words, to open your mind to vastness across time and space, to create your own realities, and to love without limit, you have the potential to be the true you.

The subjects that are covered by ‘Simply Reflections’ enable you to be You, your true self with your true worth appreciated and understood.

Where you have held back, you can learn to move forward again. You can create an exceptional life and embrace it with gratitude. You can learn to realise that life can be lived unconsciously or consciously .You can tap into new energies and resources within yourself. You will be able to develop a meditative mind that can sense the impact of your decisions before you even make them.

You can develop a presence and even become enlightened. You can be yourself, exuding an inner trust and self dignity.

Such lofty aims from a website , I hear you say, but did I not say that each joyous journey needs a well placed first step, this website offers that first step, as they say ‘from little acorns mighty oaks do grow’.

ake this first step together with me and like minded friends. Let this be a ‘beginning’ that you can treasure on a journey that never ends, a journey full of love, full of hope, where your triumph echoes that of the human spirit and the human family to which you belong and are beloved of.

Take all that ‘Simply Reflections’ and this website have to offer, enjoy and share in the knowledge, love, and enlightenment, relax and begin your own journey of awareness.